Sladké zemiaky Batáty - 1kg

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  • Sladké zemiaky BATÁTY Premium - 1kg


Sladké zemiaky Batáty - 1kg

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The health benefits and taste of sweet potatoes are a great attraction for an increasing part of the population. They contain potassium, fiber, beta-carotene and other nutrients.

Sweet potato differs from its "traditional colleague" not only in color but also in rich nutrient concentration. The betacarotene content is particularly pronounced. Concentration on 100 g is almost the same as carrots.

On sweet potatoes, it is especially good to know that you can prepare a sweet and savory paprika from it as well. And a bake pie is also excellent.

The origin of the batt goes to South or Central America. The oldest surviving remains were discovered in Peruvian caves (approximately 10.000 years old), but are believed to have an older history. To Europe, he first brought Christ back over 500 years when he chose to look for India - but he came across "almost America" ​​:)

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  • place the sweet potatoes in a cooler dark place (eg a lard / chamber)
  • not near the stove and places where there is high humidity, because cooking steam can get on sweet potatoes, and they can swelter faster


  • pri správnom uskladnení odporúčame skonzumovať cca do 10 dní od doručenia


  • Honduras, Egypt, USA alebo Španielsko

Nutrition value (100g)

  • Energy (calories) = 360 kJ / 86 kcal
  • Bielkoviny = 1,6g
  • Carbohydrates = 20,1 g
    • of which is fiber = 3 g
    • of which is sugar = 4,2 g 
  • Fats = 0,1 g
    • of which are saturated fatty acids = 0 g
  • Cholesterol = 0

...z nutrientov obsahuje: vitamín A (betakarotén), vitamín C, vitamín B6 (kyselina pantoténová), mangán, draslík, meď, fosfor a horčík.