Slivky Natural (sušené, vegan) - 400g

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  • Slivky Natural (sušené, vegan) - 400g


Slivky Natural (sušené, vegan) - 400g

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Výhodné 400g balenie!

Dried prunes are not just traditional local dishes used in various soups, desserts or main dishes. They also contain a dose of health benefits.

The vitamin K volume, which is one of the key elements for optimal blood clotting, is notable and is also of less importance for proper liver function, cell regeneration, and prevents atherosclerosis and osteoporosis.

We offer you finely-dried natural plums of French groves and plains, which are not artificially treated and also not sour.

Plums will come packed in an organic paper bag that you can easily store at home or take it with you in your handbag, bag, rucksack or car :)

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  • store the dried fruit in a dry and clean place
  • cold does not harm, but then the dried fruit is harder :)


  • pre zachovanie vysokej kvality odporúčame skonzumovať sušené ovocie do 30-60dní od doručenia


  • Francúzsko, Argentína