Laundry Washing Gel ECO (on wool) - 250ml

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  • Prací gél na vlnu ECO - 250ml


Laundry Washing Gel ECO (on wool) - 250ml

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It is a gel concentrate with lanolin. It is enough for 33 washing. Concentrated gel with lanolin addition. The basis is the soybean yield in the bio-quality obtained by the most sophisticated method of cold extraction.

Lanolin is a substance that naturally forms on sheep's hair and provides heat-insulating properties and water-resistance to wool.

The main difference of this formulation is that, even with repeated washing, the fibers keep the wool flexible.

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It is suitable for:

  • woolen fabric (sweaters, socks, ...)
  • functional sportswear from merino


  • 5-15% soap extract, non-ionic surfactant of plant origin, lanolin
  • <5% chelating agent (EDDS), alcohol, xanthan gum, sodium benzoate

How to use?

Dosage at 4 - 5 kg linen:

  • 30 ml for washing cycle
  • 1 L will last up to 33 washing

Manual Handling:

  • 15 ml / pol cap /
  • be careful of too hot water to keep the laundry off

In case of more contaminated laundry:

  • bielizeň pred samotným praním necháme odmočiť: rozpustíme 1-2 lyžice prášku PUER v teplej vode, bielizeň necháme namočenú celú noc
  • stains are treated before washing with bile or lemon soap.

On white linen:


Keep out of the reach of children. After transferring the used container to the sorted municipal waste, dispose of the remaining unused product with excess water into the sewage system.