Laundry Washing Gel ECO (functional fabric) - 250ml

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  • Laundry washing gel ECO (functional fabric) - 250ml


Laundry Washing Gel ECO (functional fabric) - 250ml

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Washing gel for gentle washing of sport and functional clothing. It uses antimicrobial and fungicidal effects of colloidal silver. Concentrate is sufficient to wash out 33.

Concentrated natural saponin soap based soap gel for the most wear-resistant sports textiles, especially hollow fiber and microfibers. Fully retains the functionality of all the special materials used for modern sportswear.

Like all Yellow & Blue gels, there are no ingredients left in the fabric to clog the hollow fibers of the textile fibers and then irritate the skin when wearing them.

In addition, it contains colloidal silver that has antimicrobial and fungicidal properties.

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  • <5% soap extract, nonionic plant tenside, chelating agent (EDDS), fermentation alcohol, xanthan gum, colloidal silver, sodium benzoate.

How to use?

Used for:

  • hand wash and washing in the washing machine
  • for sport and functional textiles
  • on clothes that tend to smell (socks)
  • Do not use a softener when washing functional clothing!

Dosage per 4-5 kg of laundry:

  • 30 ml for washing cycle
  • 1 L will last up to 33 washing

Manual Handling:

  • 15 ml / pol cap /
  • be careful of too hot water to keep the laundry off

In case of more contaminated laundry:

  • Wash clothes before washing: dissolve 1-2 spoon of PUER powder in warm water, leave the lining soaked all night
  • stains are treated before washing with bile or lemon soap

On white linen:

  • Add the 1-2 spoon of whitening powder PUER

What are the antimicrobial and fungicidal properties of colloidal silver?

Colloidal silver is used in medicine as a disinfectant for internal use,  Outdoor use. It is effective against bacteria and fungi.


Keep out of the reach of children. After transferring the used container to the sorted municipal waste, dispose of the remaining unused product with excess water into the sewage system.