Laundry Washing Gel ECO (odor-free) - 1L

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  • Laundry washing gel ECO (odor-free) - 1L


Laundry Washing Gel ECO (odor-free) - 1L

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The wash gel is a concentrate for gentle washing of colored linen. One liter is enough for a 33 wash.

Concentrated gel based on a soybean yield in the bio-quality obtained by the most sophisticated cold extraction method.

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  • 5-15% sodium carbonate (soda)
  • <5% of soybean extract in bio-grade, silicates, xanthan gum, fermentation alcohol, chelating agent (EDDS), sodium benzoate

It does not contain petroleum derivatives, phosphates, chlorine, synthetic perfume, enzymes and dyes, defoamers, palm oil, and optical brighteners.

How to use?

  • for regular washing in washing machines
  • especially for colored lingerie

Dosage at 4 - 5 kg linen:

  • 30 ml for washing cycle
  • 1 L will last up to 33 washing

Manual Handling:

  • 15 ml / pol cap /

In case of more contaminated laundry:

  • Wash clothes before washing: dissolve 1-2 spoon of PUER powder in warm water, leave the lining soaked all night
  • stains are treated before washing with bile or lemon soap

On white linen:

  • Add 1 - 2 PUER bleach powder spoon


Keep out of the reach of children. After transferring the used container to the sorted municipal waste, dispose of the remaining unused product with excess water into the sewage system.