Passionfruit Maracuya (fresh) - 1pc

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  • Passion FRUIT Premium - 1ks


Passionfruit Maracuya (fresh) - 1pc

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The fruit of passion and love is a popular exotic crop around the world. It holds a large portion of Vitamin A, C as well as a high fiber dose.

The size is covered with smaller orange or mandarin. The bark of passionfruit has a coloration of the variety in yellow or purple. In the initial stage of maturation, it has a green color and gradually darkens to purple and the bark is wrinkled. The best tastes at this stage, but you can still remember it earlier.

The pulp of the fruit is yellow-orange, smooth and small seeds. The largest producers of this passion-vitamin bomb are China, India and Brazil.

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  • passionfruit tastes best when it has the so-called "peeled" peel - do not look for that look, so it should be :) - if you get a fetus with such a peel, put it off as soon as possible, or put it in the refrigerator for a few days
  • If your fetus comes with a "smooth" peel, then you can eat it anyway, it only has a less pronounced flavor. Passion fruit can be done at room temperature (outside the refrigerator)
  • we recommend not to store it near the stove where the cooking steam may come on


  • pri správnom uskladnení odporúčame skonzumovať cca do 4-5 dní od doručenia


  • Južná Afrika, Peru, Kolumbia

Nutrition value (100g)

  • Energy (Calories)   =   406 kJ / 97 kcal
  • Protein   =   2,2 g
  • Carbohydrates   = 23 g
    • of which is fiber = 10 g
    • of which is sugar = 11 g 
  • Fats = 0,7 g
    • of which are saturated fatty acids = 0,1 g
  • Cholesterol   = 0

...z nutrientov obsahuje: vitamín C, vitamín A (betakarotén), riboflavín, niacín, vitamín B6, draslík, železo, horčík, fosfor a meď.