Organic Cotton Bath Towel 70×140cm (white) - 1pc

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  • Organic Cotton Bath Towel 70×140cm (white) - 1pc


Organic Cotton Bath Towel 70×140cm (white) - 1pc

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A very fuzzy, touch-sensitive and absorbent cotton towel 70 x140cm from a certified high-grain biofeedback 550 g / m² will become your new, true, "friend" in the bathroom, cabin, holiday or swimming pool.

The importance of organic products is becoming more and more key nowadays, as the number of cases that are directly or indirectly related to synthetic substances contained in textiles and clothing is constantly increasing.

Produkty z biobavlny odporúčame prať hlavne v ekologických pracích prostriedkoch.

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  • 100% GOTS - Certified Organic Cotton

Why Organic Cotton?

  • Biobavlna is grown on organic farms that deal with grocery of food and cotton according to clearly defined rules (from seed to final sewage processing).
  • Cultivation and production prohibit the use of toxic chemicals (including genetically modified organisms) that can cause planting poisoning and environmental damage. Watch a video about GOTS .
  • Textiles and organic cotton clothing do not cause allergies in use and wearing.

        GOTS certification

        • The growing and production of the bio-cotton from which Tierra Organica products are produced is subject to the certification and standards of the international organization GOTS.
        • These standards define methods of cotton production, through the processing and production of substances and textile products (including colors, yarns, buttons and all related processes, taking into account the social conditions of workers)