Soap Nuts ECO - 500g

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  • Soap Nuts ECO - 500g


Soap Nuts ECO - 500g

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Soap nuts are a unique detergent for washing in the washing machine and for hand washing. In shells of tree Sapindus Mukorossi Is a plant saponin. Washing with soap is called natural washing.

Soap is growing in the Himalayan forests, where it is collected, dried and removed from the core. When washing walnuts in water, it releases natural saponin, which acts as a soap. This is the most lean method of washing, both in terms of the environment and our health, as it does not leave any chemical residues in the textile.

This exceptional feature will be appreciated by people with very sensitive skin. Another advantage is that the color of the laundry does not fade.

Soap nuts are suitable for all types of clothing, especially for children's clothing, diapers, the finest lingerie made of wool, silk and functional textiles.

For detergents and detergents, we use the extract extracted from cold water. This extract is then used as a basic raw material for the production of detergents and detergents. Another raw material processing option is finely powdered powder, which serves as the basis of the washing powder.

Soap powder is widely used by itself (see here) .

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  • soap husks (sapindus mukorossi)

How to use?

A dose of 4-5 kg of clothing

Washing temperature

Number of soapy nuts


Soft water

Hard water

40 C

3-4 pieces

5 pieces

60-90° C
4-5 pieces

6 pieces


  • When washing the laundry in the laundry

Put the appropriate number of walnuts (see table) in the cotton pocket attached to each package, bind it and put it with the laundry in the drum of the washing machine. From the washing machine until the end of the wash cycle, we do not remove the saponins in the water when they last wash in cold water. After washing, the bag of walnuts is removed, dried and used twice more (if we were dripping at a temperature of up to 60 ° C). Soap nuts have a softening effect on textiles, no softening is required.

  • When washing white laundry in the washing machine

Mydlové orechy neobsahujú bieliace a zjasňujúce látky, ktoré sú pridávané do štandardných pracích prostriedkov. Preto pre pranie bielej bielizne vhodné pridávať prípravok PUER, ktorý slúži ako bieliaci prípravok a odstraňovač škvŕn.

  • When washing heavily soiled laundry

Silne znečistenú bielizeň odporúčame večer pred praním  namočiť do vedra s teplou vodou (podľa typu bielizne), v ktorej rozpustíme 1-2 lyžice prášku na škvrny PUER. Ráno vodu vylejeme - nečistoty sa pred praním rozpustia a bielizeň potom ľahko vyperieme aj v tak šetrnom pracom prostriedku ako sú mydlové orechy. Jednotlivé škvrny na bielizni ošetríme žlčovým mydlom.

  • How to wash clothes with soap?

Soap nuts have a sweet smell of themselves, and they do not smell any scent on their laundry. The team of us who appreciate naturally loosened linen we offer natural essential oils. We'll use a few drops of favorite silk on a bag of walnuts and put the washing machine in the drum.

  • How long do so-nuts work?

Soap nuts can be used 2-3 x, if the washing was done at 60 ˚C. The used nuts are best dump into the compost.

For longer storage, the nuts are gradually dried and darkened. This does not mean, however, that saponin content decreases in them, but their release from nuts lasts longer.


Keep out of the reach of children!