Menstrual Cup (size L) - 1pc

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  • Menštruačný kalíšok Gaia Cup (velkosť L)


Menstrual Cup (size L) - 1pc

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Men's silicone menstrual cup, hygienically safe. It is comfortable and reliable, ecological and economical.

The menstrual cup is:

  • Economic - there is no need for repeated purchases of women's hygiene aids.
  • Ecological - do not create unnecessary disposable hygiene products.
  • Good for health - no allergies, no cases of toxic shock syndrome, no inflammation, no mucous membranes, no vaginal health. 
  • Simple to use, long life, perfect solution for all kinds of sports and activities.


Size S (for girls and women up to 25 years or not yet born)

  • outer diameter 44 mm
  • length 55 mm without stopper
  • stem length 10 mm
  • less than  Size L
  • volume 29 ml (sideways) / 31 ml (margin)

Size L (for women over 25 years and after birth)

  • outer diameter 45 mm
  • length 56 mm without stopper
  • stem length 10 mm
  • Stronger than size S
  • volume 31 ml (sideways) / 33 ml (margin)

The use

Saves your health:

  • By using the Gaia Cup, you can protect your body from the adverse effects of chemical substances found in conventional chlorine-bleached liners and, in particular, tampons.

Saves your money:

  • With the Gaia Cup you will not have to spend even a penny for inserts and tampons. Try counting how many inserts or swabs you are going to spend on the whole 40 years of the menstrual cycle.

Save the Environment:

  • With the Gaia Cup, you will not need to throw the inserts or tampons into the garbage. Can you imagine what a large stack of non-decomposable and non-recyclable plastic pulp using Gaia Cup just do not create?


The cup is not contraceptive and does not protect against pregnancy. They do not protect against sexually transmitted diseases.

Pre viac informácií navštívte, kde nájdete skúsenosti žien s kalíškom Gaia Cup a ďalšie zaujímavé informácie. Ku každému kalíšku je pribalený aj Gaia Pads - bavlnené vložky a Gaia Magic Touch - čistiaci prášok :-)