Almond Butter (vegan, palm-oil free) - 350g

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  • Almond Butter (vegan, palm-oil free) - 350g


Almond Butter (vegan, palm-oil free) - 350g

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Vegan almond butter from Slowland is made in Slovakia from hand-picked premium roasted almonds , Cocoa butter and sea salt pearls.

A unique system of selection, sorting and subsequent processing of raw materials gives this almond butter a unique quality and taste that is hard to find on other brands.

We were surprised by the beautiful, delicate consistency that literally melts on the tongue. Almond butter can be used for both sweet and savory meals, and you will be pleasantly surprised by all taste buds in a wide circle :).

Pancakes, cakes, muffins or other pastries will give them a completely different size of flavor. For example, we have been very frustrated with the usual vegetable salad overflowing with almond butter and we have heard that it is delicious to melt it on a good steak, which will give an interesting nutty flavor with cocoa tones.

You can of course also add it to the mash, smoothies or puddings. Fantasies are not set.

In addition, almond butter is a great source of monounsaturated fatty acids, proteins, fiber and valuable vitamin E.

Produkt je: vegan, bez lepku, bez laktózy, bez palmového oleja, bez cukru

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  • Slovakia


  • mandle (92%), kakaové maslo, morská soľ


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Nutrition value (100g)

  • Energy (Calories) = 2829 kJ / 684 kcal  
  • Protein = 20.3 g   
  • Carbohydrates = 17.8 g
    • of which is fiber = 11 g
    • of which is sugar = 4.5 g 
  • Fat = 56.6 g  
    • of which are saturated fatty acids = 8.7 g 
  • Soľ = 0.2g