Red Grapefruit (fresh) - 1pc

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  • Grapefruit RED Premium - 1ks


Red Grapefruit (fresh) - 1pc

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Red grapefruit is the result of the souring of sweet orange and marigold coming from the Caribbean region. It reduces cholesterol and is a rich source of vitamins.

This exotic fruit has a yellow to red peel. The flavor belongs to the sour-hot nature, which leads people to suck it with sugar or honey. However, we do not recommend doing it, because such a combination is unnecessarily fermenting in our stomach.

Grep is involved in improving the overall defenses of the body and optimizing blood circulation.


  • red grapefruit store classically at room temperature on a kitchen line (dry place)
  • we recommend using a refrigerator when storing it for a longer period
  • we do not recommend storing it near the stove where various cooking vapors arise because they could degrade it and cause more molding


  • pri správnom uskladnení odporúčame skonzumovať cca do 7-10 dní od doručenia


  • Južná Afrika, Izrael, Turecko (podľa sezóny)

Nutrition value (100g)

  • Energia (kalórie) = 176 kJ/42 kcal  
  • Bielkoviny = 0,8g   
  • Uhľohydráty = 11g 
    • of which is fiber = 1,6 g  
    • of which is sugar = 6,9 g 
  • Tuky = 0g  
    • of which are saturated fatty acids = 0 g 
  • Cholesterol = 0  

...z nutrientov obsahuje: vitamín A (betakarotén a lykopén), vitamín C, draslík a aminokyseliny.