• > 30% citric acid


Washing machines and dishwashers:

  • Place the contents of the bag into the empty washing drum or the bottom of the empty dishwasher and turn on the washing / washing cycle at a temperature of 50-60 ° C
  • If you clean the machine for the first time after long-term use of conventional means, we recommend using a temperature of 90 ° C

Coffee machines:

  • 1 dissolve the spoon in warm water and pour into the coffee maker
  • let go through the cooking cycle and then repeat the wash with clean water


  • fill the kettle with water, add the spoon and bring it to boil
  • turn off the kettle and let it run for about 30 minutes
  • then pour out and thoroughly rinse with water

Do not use the product to clean aluminum containers.



  • causes serious eye irritation
  • if medical help is required, keep the packaging or product label at your fingertips

After hitting your eyes!

  • for a few minutes, rinse them gently with water
  • if you use contact lenses and if possible, remove them
  • continue rinsing
  • if irritation persists - seek medical attention


  • the used pack after rinsing is to be sorted into sorted municipal waste
  • remove excess unused product with excess water into the sewer

Keep out of the reach of children.