• It depends on the phase in which avocados come to you (we send it mostly in the 2 phase of the five together with the apple in a paper bag that promotes the maturation of the organic method. So, if you prefer a ripe fruit, leave avocados in a paper bag or box together with an apple at room temperature of about 20-21 C. During the summer months, we do not add an apple because the higher temperature stimulates the maturation sufficiently.

  • if you want to consume avocados a few days later, just leave it alone at room temperature.

  • put it in the refrigerator only if it is ripe

  • do not store the avocado near the stove, where more moisture is produced, as cooking steam can get on them and they can swelter more quickly.


  • about 4-5 days after delivery should keep you alright :)


  • We currently have the HASS Avocado offer from Mexico, Peru, Chile or South Africa