Odkiaľ pochádza kokosový olej BioPlanete?

Kokosový olej pochádza z Filipín.

What durability does Kulau coconut oil have?

From the filling time, the service life is approximately 24 months. After opening it is recommended to consume it within a few months. However, be careful not to contaminate it accidentally when picking up - for example, A spoon of food or something else.

How should coconut oil be stored?

If you use it daily, you can also have it normally on the kitchen line (or in the cabinet). For long-term storage, we recommend a darker, cooler place - a refrigerator or a larder.

Why is sometimes coconut oil stiff and sometimes fluid?

Coconut oil can be found in two stages:

  • The stiff is at 24 degrees Celzia

  • The liquid is above 24 degrees Celsius

Since it fills you completely in your refrigerator and it's hard, it's hard to work with. Everyday use is better if you have it in the consistency of a soft butter (so it's nice to have it out on the kitchen or in the cabinet)

Nachádzajú sa v kokosovom oleji nejaké prísady?

Nie, kokosový olej je 100% čistý – bez aditív, konzervantov, farbív alebo čohokoľvek iného cudzorodého.

Kde všade môžem využiť kokosový olej?

Coconut oil is versatile and is capable of replacing a truly wide range of everyday products. Its comprehensive use can give you a new look at the need for products for your life And to your own eyes you can see that this is also a purely organic way.

Representation finds:

  • in the kitchen (cooking, baking, short frying)
  • in the bathroom (hair, skin, bath oil, crumbler, acne cream or other skin problems)

It is also important for its medical use because of the high lauric acid content Is an effective antibacterial and antiviral fighter , Improves wound healing on the skin and significantly helps accelerate metabolism . This is due to the predominantly saturable fatty acids with & lt; 14 & gt; medium-long chain (MCT), which, when consumed, immediately enter the liver and metabolize them. Poorly functioning metabolism can often be one of the key factors in obesity or various illnesses.

Schudnem from coconut oil or not?

A very common question. Coconut oil does not have any magical formula to make "line-marsh" and you will suddenly get 10 kg lighter. You should not even believe in the various other preparations that claim I can do it.

The most reliable way to better shape and overall "healthy feeling" of your body stems from a more complex set of activities and processes That you should do. However, it is not very complicated.

It is certainly not enough just to put coconut oil into your canteen, but rather to consume foods that burden your organism, which will definitely negate it.

It is also not enough to consume but not to move, to stress, to have enough sleep or other key biological needs.

Look for coconut oil rather than tool / aid , Which is fully available to you if you really decide to "hit it all up" .

It will primarily help you put together metabolism (substance conversion) , Which is important for the functioning of every healthy organism and ensures a smooth flow of food. At the same time, you will receive key antibacterial and antiviral "units" that will be delivered to your body to your body's immunity And will seek to prevent and fight diseases.

To do this, however, a whole range of complex nutrients from valuable foods such as vegetables, fruits and nuts (in the right doses) should be added to the body and started to change your lifestyle.

Connection quality metabolism, sufficient immunity and more correct movement Is the basic essence for achieving a better figure.

What is the lauric acid that occurs in such a large volume in coconut oil?

It is a saturated fatty acid that is one of the key ingredients of our diet right after birth. It is found in breast milk , Which, as we know, is essential to the overall health of the new individual.

Lauric acid is the component of coconut oil, which is responsible for its marked antibacterial and antiviral effects.

It is also responsible for the above-mentioned acceleration of metabolism . Since it is a medium-chain saturated fatty acid (MCT), it is immediately metabolized, converted to energy, and stored in the form of fat (but with proper use).

Coconut oil is among the largest sources of lauric acid In the "plant kingdom".

You mentioned in one article that coconut oil can save money. How did you think that?

Veľmi jednoducho. Ja osobne som si za dobu jeho používania dokázal nahradiť dosť veľa produktov práve za kokosový olej.

For example, these products are:

  • conventional cooking oil for cooking, baking, cooking
  • butter (although high-quality butter has recently been used here and there)
  • shampoo
  • after shave gel
  • face and hand cream
  • balsam on peri
  • medicines (but their replacement also required a comprehensive diet change)
  • dental care
  • skin problems

Ladies can change Their own: lozenges, shaving gels (including after shave), intimate hygiene preparations for coconut oil.

Looking at a thing from a higher perspective, coconut oil is able to replace (as I have written here) 12 different products , whose common price is far higher As the sum of the number of coconut oil packages that all these products should replace (e.g., monthly or yearly). Not to mention that you will start to give yourself an organic product , Which should, in the long run, provide for a shorter number of diseases and a better and more valuable life as a whole.

Another reason that should be more important to you than the price attribute is the fact that if you replace the conventional coconut oil products , So you can exchange mainly:

  • a great deal of chemical / synthetic ingredients
  • additives
  • preservatives
  • various dyes
  • heavy metals
  • oil

, which you give to yourself and to yourself as a product that is <> 100% one-component and coming directly from nature.

Is coconut oil suitable for me if I'm a celiac?

Yes of course. Coconut oil is gluten-free and in Slovakia, Europe and the world, there is a great interest among celiacs in the preparation of various interesting recipes.

Can I use coconut oil for skin problems?

Ja osobne, rovnako aj moja rodina a blízky sme boli viackrát svedkami jeho úspešných liečivých účinkov na rôzne väčšie, či menšie kožné problémy. V tejto súvislosti je pre mňa kľúčový fakt, že kokosový olej je organický produkt. S ním sa teda vydávate na riešenie kožného problému organickou cestou a nie syntetickou.

Z môjho pohľadu tým zvyšujete pravdepodobnosť úspešného vyriešenia kožného problému a znižujete prípadné riziko škodlivosti nejakej syntetickej zložky v konvenčnom liečive na vaše telo.

How about coconut oil and cholesterol?

There are many articles and articles on the subject on the Internet. Following the in-depth search of some articles, it is possible to define their common denominator, which coconuts into negative light, especially as it is mentioned mainly in connection with the increase in total cholesterol, and often is not taken into account ratio between LDL / HDL cholesterol And their mutual balancing.

Celkový cholesterol vám môže totiž narastať aj v prípade, že sa zvyšuje HDL (tzv. “dobrý cholesterol”) a LDL (tzv. “zlý cholesterol”) sa znižuje. A toto je presne prípad kokosového oleja – ten má totiž tendenciu zvyšovať HDL (dobrý) cholesterol. Môžu sa však vyskytovať aj výnimky v jednotlivých prípadoch (každý človek je niečím špecifický a môžu existovať ďalšie faktory zapríčiňujúce daný stav).

Can I offer coconut oil to our pet?

Clearly. Animals have practically identical effects to humans And on this topic you can find a lot of content on the Internet. They greatly nourish, give them antibacterial and antiviral substances, cleanse them and use it for any external injuries.

Animals have very coconut oil , Also in terms of flavor. Recommended dose for a dog (Approximately 25 kg) is 1-2 teaspoon a day and for the cat 1 teaspoon a day. Simply mix the food.

How can coconut oil help me during my pregnancy?

As we have already said - its lauric acid content is impressive and equally beneficial to the pregnant mother and the expectant baby. During pregnancy, it is highly advisable to have an immune system (The more important it is that you have to supply yourself and the baby). Just the ingredients of coconut oil (and most other pure coconut products) are of great benefit in this respect.

This also applies to mothers who are currently breastfeeding, because consuming coconut oil directly increases the lauric acid level in breast milk , Which is its key component.

Okrem vnútorného využitia je pre tehuľky významný aj vo “vonkajšom prostredí”. Počas doby nášho fungovania sme dostali niekoľko spätných väzieb od zákazníčok, ktoré mali s kokosákom pozitívnu skúsenosť hlavne v súvislosti zabráneniu tvorby strií, keď si s ním potierali bruško.