The most common questions about coconut water


Where does the coconut water come from Kulau?

All Kulau coconut waters come from the Philippines and are packed in Germany.

What is the durability of Kulau coconut water?

From the filling time, the service life is approximately 12 months. After opening the box, we recommend that you drink max. Within 24 hours. However, it is best to drink it as soon as possible to minimize oxidation.

Does the coconut water have Kulau certification (BIO / Organic)?

Yes of course. Coconut water, as well as all our other products, have BIO certification .

How is it best to drink coconut water?

Coconut water tastes best cooled, but it is of course "patentable" and not chilled. We personally taste the best of ourselves, but we can also taste delicious smoothies or other beverages. Follow our Blog - Coconut Journal , Where we add gradually different coconut water recipes.

Does it come from young or adult coconut?

Coconut water as such has the most beneficial effects in young coconut, so it comes from a young coconut (in the maturation period of about 5-8 months).

Is coconut water and coconut milk the same?

Not. This question is otherwise the most common thing that customers think - let's look at it :)). Coconut water naturally occurs in coconut wheat from its inception to full maturation, whereas coconut milk is the product of coconut pulp from which it is molded.

Some coconut water in the market is made from a concentrate. What is the production of coconut water Kulau?

It is possible to find on the market water coming from the concentrate, respectively. Some are ducted. Coconut water from Kulau does not concern it - it comes directly from fresh young coconuts from the Philippines (from organic plantations) and is free of any additives, preservatives or dyes. This is pure coconut water. 

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Contains coconut water Kulau cholesterol?

No, coconut water does not contain cholesterol.

How is Kulau coconut water treated?

We try to approach the processing process, as carefully as possible. Coconut water is processed by pasteurization, yet the Kulau coconut water nutritional mix is ​​practically similar to that of a young coconut. Since it is sensitive to oxidation, it would be spoiled without airing this process after a few days.

Is it possible to see laboratory tests of your coconut water somewhere?

Of course. You will find LAB tests on our site That you might be interested in.

What can I use coconut water for?

Thanks to its nutritional mix it is very beneficial for the health and beauty of the human being. It has strong antibacterial and antiviral effects, is one of the most suitable natural fluids for rehydrating the body at all, it is able to rejuvenate the skin due to the presence of cytokinins that have the ability to regulate cell aging. It is also tested in connection with the treatment of various serious diseases, Alzheimer. We recommend watching our Blog - Coconut Journal , Where we gradually add various information on the use and effects of coconut water.

Is Kulau coconut water suitable for celiacs and diabetics?

Of course. Coconut water contains no gluten and has a low glycemic index. However, what diabetics are concerned, so take into account the small amount of sugar contains. So, if you are a diabetic, you should of course follow the intake of sugar and accordingly adjust the volume of coconut water you drink.

Do I use coconut water as an athlete? 

For athletes, coconut water is more than suitable, especially from the viewpoint of effective rehydration Of the body with high potassium content and a respectable sodium level . In addition, coconut water can also have a beneficial effect on metabolism, which should certainly be good for both athletes and non-sportsmen.

Can I drink coconut water if I'm pregnant?

Yes you can. Its antiseptic and antibacterial effects are definitely good for the proper functioning of your body, and it can also help you with early nausea, constipation or burning soon . Nor do we need to forget about its laurel content (of the total fat content, this acid contains up to 44% ), Which is a key component of breast milk .

Will coconut water help with kidney problems?

Yes, coconut water is more than adequate for these problems. In addition to the effects already mentioned on proper functioning metabolism, it also has diuretic effects , So you can manage your urinary tract well and prevent kidney stones after regular use .

What does it mean when coconut water is colored in pink or yellow?

Coconut water Kulau is a pure organic drink without additives or preservatives , So keep in mind that it is not a "unified" product (that is, not every one piece is the same). This is true of all really organic products. The coloring of coconut water causes enzymatic activity, Polyphenol oxidase (PPO) - you can also find the expression "phenolase". This activity may have causality in a number of factors, such as: the coconut variety (Tall, dwarf or hybrid and then their breakdown by planetary occurrence), coconut origin , the conditions of cultivation (Whether the plantation is closer to the ocean or more in the inland), the weather in the individual stages of maturation, the maturity level of the given coconuts, the storage and transport temperature and also the method of extracting coconut water . You do not have to worry at all, there is no contamination. It's a totally common phenomenon With this liquid and even colored it is perfectly suitable for consumption.

What is the taste of coconut water?

Just as described in the previous answer - since it is a purely organic product, the taste of coconut water may also not be uniform from a piece. Virtually all factors affect it as well as coloring. Of course, it is not excluded that you will regularly consume coconut water of similar or similar taste and coloring, but you may also find differences. Taste as such is a very subjective matter for every person. With organic coconut water it is true that taste can not be precisely defined And to achieve 100% its equivalence (only if it is much more processed, but it will reduce its quality). If coconut water is so sweet, it means it has a higher proportion of sugar and coconut was in the later stage of maturation when it is split. When coconut water is more neutral Or even with a slight sign of acidity, that is, it is richer in enzymes , Is of younger coconut and has a lower share of sugars - refreshes more . Kulau coconut water is generally neutral, resp. Less sweet, but more refreshing.

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