The use


  • cleaning and removing ash odors
  • removing odors from carpet and upholstered furniture
  • cleaning baths, showers, sinks and ceramic surfaces

Kid's room:

  • cleaning and deodorizing toys and baby supplies

The kitchen:

  • removing odors from the dishwasher, microwave oven and refrigerator
  • removal of odors and sediments from waste
  • cleaning and removing odors from plastic food bowls or cutting board
  • cleaning the oven
  • cleaning of coffee and tea caps and mugs, thermos and coffee makers
  • cleaning scoured dishes

The animals:

  • removing odors from animal bedding and toilets
  • cleaning and deodorizing toys
  • "dry shampoo" for dogs to give off an unpleasant smell

Car and Garage:

  • cleaning the contacts of automobile accumulators
  • removing odors from the ashtray in the car
  • removing odors from seat covers and carpets
  • removing oil stains in the garage

Around the house:

  • removing smells from sweaty baskets
  • garden garden grill, plastic garden furniture, old paint brushes, children's pools


  • washing strongly dirty hands
  • extinguishing small domestic fires
  • air freshener (with oil)
  • deodorization of fishing and sports equipment

See the package leaflet in each package for detailed instructions.